Smarter Data.
Smarter Buildings.

BeamUP has developed game-changing AI technology that transforms the way building systems are designed, built, maintained and operated. Our digitized and automated end-to-end building system lifecycle management platform reduces costs, enhances compliance and drives operational excellence.


We spend 90% of our lives inside buildings. They consume 36% of global energy, emit 40% of Co2 emissions, and form the backbone of the multi-trillion dollar construction industry. We are on a mission to re-imagine the design process and make the places we live, work and sleep more cost-effective, safe and efficient. 


The complexity of building systems is increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, design tools have not kept pace and engineers are constrained by a slow and error-prone process. BeamUP’s vision is create an intuitive and interactive process that blends the power of AI with the creativity and expertise of human designers. Empowered by our technology, designers will unlock the full potential of Safe, Sustainable and Connected buildings.


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